1.18.2 - RB 40.2

Forge Version: 40.2
Minecraft Version: 1.18.2


Standard RB bump for an LTS version. No huge or notable changes, just a courtesy for modpack makers who want to know which mods support which versions of Forge.



  • Low code language provider
  • Added our Jar-In-Jar system
  • Added new Disconnection screen to display better channel/registry mismatch information
  • Introduce an attribute for step height additions
  • Expose ICondition$IContext to modded reload listeners.
  • BaseRailBlock now decides if the calculated RailShape for placement or connection to neighbors is valid
  • Implement PlayerNegotiationEvent
  • Add Attack Range attribute and Update Reach Distance
  • Make TransformType enum extensible & a customizable default
  • Added removeErroringEntities config option
  • Improve TagsUpdatedEvent by adding update case information.
  • Add ItemStack context to Enchantment#getDamageBonus
  • Allow custom rarities to directly modify tooltip style
  • Allow Modders to add custom data-pack registries through RegistryBuilder
  • Port BiomeDictionary over to biome tags
  • Add checkJarCompatibility task
  • Avoid exclusive synchronisation in block render type lookups
  • Make IVertexConsumers such as the lighting pipeline, be aware of which format they are dealing with
  • Make ConfigValue implement Supplier.
  • Add Filtered Message to ServerChatEvent
  • Allow safely registering RenderType predicates at any time
  • Add callback after a BlockState was changed and the neighbors were updated
  • Make tryEmptyContainer respect doDrain
  • Add RenderLevelStageEvent to expand on and replace RenderLevelLastEvent
  • Allow blocks to provide a dynamic MaterialColor for display on maps
  • Backport recipe grouping feature to 1.18.
  • Improve logging of missing or unsupported dependencies
  • Backport grindstone event from 1.19
  • Add supplier to FlowerBlock so it works with custom MobEffects
  • Improve extensibility of DetectorRailBlock and PoweredRailBlock


  • Fix shears passing on a client when interacting with a shearable entity
  • Allow Exception passed through CommandEvent to propagate
  • Fix EntityInteraction event running twice on client side
  • Fix entity parts being ignored when collecting entities in an AABB
  • Fix IDs of Multi-part entities being desynced across client and server.
  • Accomodate Bukkit-like Servers not sending Command Args
  • Fix undead causing chunkloading leading to extensive lag
  • Fix shears not playing a breakage sound
  • Fix ContextNbtProvider serializing the wrong name
  • Fix Snow Golems destroying blocks they shouldn’t.
  • Catch and aggregate exceptions during NewRegistryEvent
  • Fix attack cooldown bar showing when out of reach of target.
  • Fix Banner Patterns not being extensible
  • Fix tags command suggestion to include dynamic registries
  • Fix command redirects by replacing Commands#fillUsableCommands
  • Fix EnumArgument to use enum names for suggestions
  • Fix 2 crossbow animations not applying to custom variants
  • Fix eager loading of model loaders during datagen causing NPE
  • Use stack sensitive translation key by default
  • Implement full support for IPv6
  • Fix a weird interaction between shulker boxes and hoppers.
  • Fix crossbows not firing ArrowLooseEvent
  • Fix circular dependency in static init of RecipeBookRegistry
  • Fix NPE when feeding cats and wolves
  • Invalidate lazy optionals properly
  • Make LivingSetAttackTargetEvent compatible with the Brain/Behavior system.
  • Make Util.memoize thread-safe
  • Fix mob block breaking AI when chunk 0,0 is unloaded