1.19.3 - RB 44.1

Forge Version: 44.1
Minecraft Version: 1.19.3


The 1.19.3 caused us much turmoil, and almost changed how we treat LTS and major versions entirely. It has quite a few breaking changes, and modders should be expecting a large port if they have lots of items and worldgen.

However, not quite as breaking as some major versions we’ve had, such as 1.17, or minor versions like 1.16.2.



  • Created a CreativeModeTabEvent to register creative mode tabs and populate entries per tab
  • Deleted ForgeRegistryTagsProvider
  • Access to lookupProvider for datagen
  • DatapackBuiltinEntriesProvider to make it easier for mods to datagen datapack builtin entries.
  • Add event before baked models are cached by the BlockModelShaper
  • Add simpleBlockWithItem for datagen
  • Add block atlas config to register forge:white texture
  • Add ability to datagen forge specific values in pack.mcmeta
  • Allow using custom factories in button builders
  • Add TradeWithVillagerEvent
  • Add helper methods to access the set of loaded sprite locations


  • Moved datapack registries to DataPackRegistryEvent.NewRegistry event instead of tying them to ForgeRegistry
  • Fix merged mod resource pack not returning all resources with the same name when asked.
  • Fix BlockStateProvider not waiting for models before finishing.
  • Fix OBJ Loader caches not being thread-safe.
  • Fix models nested in custom geometries not resolving parents
  • Allow using PackOutputs in Forge-added datagen classes
  • Add support for custom CreativeModeTab implementations
  • Fix using a DeferredRegister on a non-forge wrapped registry.
  • Fix SidedInvWrapper not accounting for vanilla stacking special cases in brewing stands and furnaces
  • Fix creatives tabs rendering overlapping tabs if the selected tab isn’t on the current page.
  • Fix datapack registries not being synced to clients
  • Fix forge resources overriding vanilla ones
  • Fix retrieveRegistryLookup attempting to get the registry lookup from a HolderGetter
  • Fix logspam when a root resource is requested from DelegatingPackResources
  • Fix concrete powder not being hydrated by singular water sources
  • Disable guiLight3d for generated item models
  • Remove duplicate updateNeighbourForOutputSignal
  • Fix broken link for update checker docs in mdk
  • Add translate key for Forge pack.mcmeta description
  • Fix StemBlock not checking canSustainPlant for the correct block, it now checks for Melons/Pumpkins instead of the stem itself.