1.19.4 - 45.1 RB

Forge Version 45.1 Minecraft Version 1.16.4



The days are warmer there’s a new smell in the air… Wait there’s a new smell!? Smells like a recommended build! Thanks to everyone who contributed.



  • Add method to GatherDataEvent to obtain collection of all input paths.
  • Add API for registering custom world preset editors
  • Bump ASM to 9.5
  • Add missing AT lines to allow registering custom game rule boolean/integer types
  • Update documentation on FinalizeSpawn
  • Determine the Forge version the PR was built against when running PR compat checks
  • Add buildscript test to error on deprecated members that should of been removed.
  • Add support for splitting the login packet
  • Add default bucket sounds for milk
  • Remove our fix for MC-121048 as it has been fixed by Vanilla
  • Allow FenceGateBlock to be used without a WoodType.
  • Add BlockSetType#register to accesstransformer.cfg Add option to completely hide a crash-callable depending on a runtime value
  • Add isNewChunk to ChunkEvent.Load
  • Update and Regenerate Datapacks
  • Collect and log exceptions occurring in DeferredWorkQueue tasks
  • Re-implement RenderTooltipEvent.Color
  • Deprecate Item.onUsingTick, as vanilla provides the same function in Item.onUseTick now.


  • Remove unneeded extra reload of datapacks on world creation screen
  • Log error when Sheets is class-loaded before registration is completed
  • Fix crash when running server from root directory
  • Fix root transform matrix format, allow using all four root transform formats
  • Fix SaplingGrowTreeEvent#setFeature being ignored in FungusBlock
  • Restore AccessibilityOnboardingScreen
  • Fix fluids without sound event causing exception in tryFillContainer and tryEmptyContainer
  • Make FakePlayerFactory respect the given ServerLevel
  • Fix NamespacedWrapper#wrapAsHolder
  • Fixes ChatScreen calling .setScreen
  • Remove erroneous brace patch in Inventory
  • Move root transform builder to ModelBuilder to allow use in ItemModelBuilder
  • Fix forge grindstone hooks allowing stacks of non-stackable items
  • Fix FMLOnly
  • Fix ItemLayerModel erroneously adding particle texture to layer texture list
  • Temporary fix for Canceling ProjectileImpactEvents of Piercing ammo.
  • Fix dummy air blocks not being marked as air
  • Remove Attack Range and Reach Distance and add Block Reach and Entity Reach
  • Fix ScreenEvent.Init.[Pre/Post] not working correctly
  • Deprecate duplicate tool tags that vanilla added in 1.19.4
  • Fix BlockEvent.Break not using ItemStack enchantment hooks.
  • Move Block.onCatchFire to above block removal to allow usage of BlockEntity data.
  • Fix FinalizeSpawn not blocking spawns during worldgen
  • Fixed issue with MutableHashedLinkedMap when removing multiple sequential entries in the middle of the map.
  • Loosen access for BucketItem’s canBlockContainFluid
  • Restore ability to change message in ClientChatEvent
  • Remove duplicate line in FoodData patch
  • Rename RegisterParticleProviderEvent’s register methods to describe what kind of particle providers they register and minor docs tweaks
  • Update pack versions
  • Revamp and fix spawn events
  • Replace blitOffset parameter with PoseStack in IItemDecorator
  • Fix JSON model root transforms
  • Fix tossed items not being able to be picked up by other players.
  • Fix infinite BE render bounds failing frustum intersection test.
  • Make ForgeSlider use the new vanilla texture
  • Remove DistExecutor calls in PistonEventTest
  • Fix hardcoded precipitation in ClimateSettingsBuilder
  • Fix incorrect variable used for swimming check
  • Fix incorrect boolean used for glint effect
  • Fixed ModMismatchDisconnectedScreen displaying missing mods wrongly
  • Fix misaligned text render type patch
  • Remove thread filter from processing clientside custom payloads.
  • Fix LivingEntity patch which caused crash while entities got hurt.
  • Fix wrong parameters in Screen#renderTooltipInternal
  • Fix misaligned patch in LevelRenderer.
  • Fix advancements not loading, bug seems to be fixed by vanilla now.
  • Fixed patch verifier for cases where patches lowered access levels.
  • Fix crouching while sprinting stopping the player when step height is modified.